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EVJF Guide - Spots in Lyon

Photographer in Lyon , I will present to you in this article several essential spots to carry out your photo sessions with their advantages in terms of framing, etc.

I also show you the shoots that I was able to carry out on these locations, tested and approved!

This article will be updated as I find more great spots for photo shoots.

Place Bellecour

Bellecour metro line D and line A

The huge square offers an ideal setting and a large “play area” for your photo shoots! The space makes it easy and comfortable to bring together a large number of people, for example during a hen party, as I was able to do.

Its scope and brightness are perfect for using a lens such as an 85mm with fixed focal length 1.4.

The Basilica of Fourvière or the Ferris wheel (installed from the end of November to mid-March) leaves a wide choice of positions for your shots and the possibility of setting up a beautiful scenography and a varied range of framing.

The courthouse walkway

Metro Vieux Lyon line D

The advantage of this footbridge, which joins old Lyon to the Bellecour district, is that it is pedestrian, unlike other bridges in the surrounding area.

With the Basilica still in the background, the location allowed me to bring together around ten people for a bachelorette party shoot.

The Tête d’Or park

photo shoot lyon parc de la tête d’or

Metro Masséna line HAS or Bus Tête D'Or Park - Duquesne C1, C6, 27 and 38

Very airy and covering a large surface area, it offers beautiful and numerous possibilities for your photo sessions.

The edges of the lake will make for superb photos.

The small rose garden located near the carousel will give your photos a charming and romantic bucolic setting.

EVJF photo shoot at Tête d’Or park

EVJF photo shoot Parc de la tête d’or Lyon

In addition, the large expanses of lawn will allow you to create original and varied settings, such as with smoke bombs used during this bachelorette party shoot.

Still at the Parc de la Tête d’Or, my favorite: the greenhouse of the botanical garden!

There's nothing like taking refuge there in winter, when it rains, to enjoy a little warmth during a photo shoot in the great outdoors like this bachelorette party shoot in January.

The Grand Hotel Dieu

Bellecour metro line D

Entrance on the Republic side: 11 place de l’Hôpital, 69002 Lyon

The courtyards and gardens are open every day from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

The immense building that is the Grand Hôtel Dieu located on the peninsula offers a superb architectural setting for a successful shoot!

Its courtyards, gardens and corridors away from the crowds of the city center will also provide shelter when the sun is not out.

Place des Terreaux

Metro Town Hall line A

Just like Place Bellecour, its large surface area offers me as a photographer a varied range of movements to better capture the different moments to be immortalized with very different shooting angles for my framing.

The Town Hall reigns over the square but above all you will find the charming Bartholdi fountain there.

Very close by, you will discover the Museum of Fine Arts.

The garden of the Museum of Fine Arts

Metro Town Hall line A

Located on Place des Terreaux, this beautiful monument that is the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon is a perfect scene to display your talent as a photographer!

Climb a few steps and admire, out of sight, this splendid little garden which offers a charming corner ideal for more intimate photoshoots.

In bad weather, you can take refuge under the arches.

Place des Jacobins and Place des Célestins

Bellecour metro line D and line A

I put the two together because they are smaller than the others mentioned previously and close to each other. Place des Jacobins has an elegant fountain in its center.

Place des Célestins, further back with its theater, allows you to escape from the crowd.

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